Engineering Consulting Service


Embedded Linux Development

  • We cover all aspects of Embedded Linux software development, including bootrom and board bring-up, Board Support Package (BSP), kernel device drivers userspace applications and root filesystem construction.
  • We specialise in LAN/WAN/Wireless/VoIP networking Embedded Linux applications. Previous projects have included work on customising the Linux kernel, writing userspace applications to implement new network protocols, and implementing network device drivers.
  • We design and implement embedded software components to your specifications.
  • We work with hardware and chip manufacturers to implement Linux device drivers for their devices.
  • We provide advice and assistance to help you with your Embedded Linux projects.

WiFi Development

  • Device Driver, Supplicant, and Authenticator development
  • Station mode, Ad-Hoc mode , AP mode, Mesh mode, WPA/WPA2
  • Near 10 years of development experience on WiFi routers and stations, in Linux and Windows.
  • We are familiar with Atheros chipset, madwifi driver, ath9k driver, hostapd, wpa_supplicant.

SatCom Development

  • Satcom Ground station control software
  • Satcom Hub software
  • Satcom agents and servers
  • Satcom Tranceiver

FIPS 140-2 Certification

  • We have ten years of experience of designing, developing, and FIPS-certifying products, especially wireless products. Our team can help your product gain FIPS 140-2 capability rapidly.
  • The latest FIPS certification we have done is Certificate #1324 , the Comtech Transceiver Crypto Module

Network Management

Our custom SNMP development services range from short projects like MIB design, to system analysis and design, to complete system implementation. We have in-depth knowledge of the simple network management protocol(SNMP). This ensures the correct software implementation. We also have an extensive practical experience in complete system implementation from requirements analysis to maintenance and technical support.

Our network management software development is not limited to the SNMP only. We can utilize other network protocols to develop custom sofware.

Here are some of the specific SNMP development services we provide:

  • MIB design
  • MIB design review
  • network management software requirement analysis and design
  • complete agent implementation
  • complete manager implementation
  • general technical support
  • network management software testing